About Us

Funeral Research & Insight delivers high quality custom research for the funeral profession throughout North America.

First established in 1999, Funeral Research & Insight has been operating as Research & Marketing Insight. We are passionate about helping the funeral profession and to better convey our funeral focus, we have dedicated a separate division to provide funeral professionals with information to help steer your business.

Funeral Research & Insight has conducted research for many of the industry leaders on:

  • Family and customer satisfaction / loyalty
  • Casket designs, features, and materials
  • Personalization
  • Selection room design, including partial and full displays, lighting, signage, etc.
  • Arrangement conferences and the family decision process
  • Cremation products and display
  • Cremation gardens
  • Pre-need
  • Consumer attitudes toward funerals and various funeral aspects
  • Funeral trends in various geographic areas, ethnic groups, etc.
  • Burial vaults
  • Memorialization
  • Memorial jewelry
  • Pet death care
  • Etc.

Call us today to discuss how we can assist your firm to better serve your customers and families: (317) 865-1413.