Family Satisfaction

Family needs and expectations for funeral services are changing faster than ever.  It is critical to know how well your funeral home is meeting customer expectations and what matters most to your families.  

Family Satisfaction Measurement

Funeral Research & Insight offers an easy and cost-efficient solution to measure family satisfaction with surveys online, mailed, or with mobile devices. 

  • We provide a custom and very cost-efficient solution for obtaining the family information you need most.  
  • We have programs for funeral homes, combos, cemeteries, and funeral service supply companies. 
  • We tailor surveys to your specific business concerns, so you have the information needed to make confident operational decisions. And, you also have input on the questions asked. 
  • We can also provide deeper analyses with your survey data, i.e., satisfaction correlated to service type, case type, family relationship, etc.
  • We can also determine the relationship between sales and satisfaction, or any other data variables.

Our family satisfaction surveys incorporate best research practices and include input from both consumers and funeral professionals - this way we measure what really matters, not what someone else just says matters.  With our program you will be able to:

  • Compare your firm's results by: arranger, location, burial and cremation families, call volume, products purchased, pre-need/at-need, generation, etc.
  • Track your funeral home's performance over time.

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Key Drivers of Family Satisfaction

Key drivers = those parts of the funeral or cremation service that matter most to families. 

For years funeral homes have been serving all families the same, but burial and cremation families are different. You know they are looking for different service components, but do you know what is MOST important to YOUR families? When you know the key drivers for each type of family, you can focus efforts on what matters most and increase their satisfaction with your service. Families pleased with your service are those who will recommend your funeral home to family and friends, return the next time they have a need, and prearrange with your firm. 

Additionally, once you know what matters most to your families, funeral homes can best allocate resources to operate more efficiently which saves money. 

Knowing your families' key drivers = higher family satisfaction and cost savings = HIGHER PROFITS. 

With key driver analysis:

  • Know what drives satisfaction for burial families and what drives satisfaction for cremation families. We can also determine what drives satisfaction for at-need and pre-need families, for Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Z. 
  • Prioritize resources and improvement efforts for each type of family to maximize satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and profits.

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